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Custom-built software applications for wholesalers and retailers in the B2B and B2C spaces. Engaging and exciting software solutions for modern retail and wholesale.

Create new opportunities for your business and for your customers with the help of specialized software. Transform the shopping experience with an engaging mobile app or improve business operations with a comprehensive enterprise software suite.

Our software solutions help streamline operations and optimize processes for wholesalers and retailers, increasing margins, enhancing customer relationships, and improving the bottom line.

Updating and Replacing Wholesalers’ Legacy ERP Systems

Too many wholesale and retail operators rely on obsolete legacy systems, built in the 1980s and ‘90s, to manage processes and logistics. Bytecity software engineers can replace those outdate ERPs with custom software solutions designed to keep your business ahead of the competition.

Billing and payments

Billing and payments

Billing may be the last step in the customer experience journey, but it’s also the most important. Bytecity software developers are adept at creating custom solutions that streamline the billing process and keep customers satisfied through every step of the transaction.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

Keep your inventory up to date with our custom inventory management software solutions. With real-time stock reports and multi-warehouse inventory tracking, you can see what’s coming in and out and avoid the costly errors of both overstock and backorders.

Order Management

Order Management

Streamline the sales and fulfillment process with the power to efficiently create and revise retail client orders, leverage buyer history to upsell and cross-sell relevant products to existing clients, and quickly process and track orders.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management

Bytecity developers work with you to build fleet-management solutions that will optimize the performance of every vehicle in your fleet, ensuring the utmost safety, productivity, and efficiency throughout the lifecycle of each vehicle.

Employee management

Employee management

From recruiting to hiring to training, Bytecity custom software solutions optimize the people processes, as well, ensuring efficient and effective onboarding and coordination across the board.

Vendor and client management

Vendor and client management

A custom CRM for wholesale distributors is a game changer, allowing your organization to keep every vendor’s and client’s data, history, and contact information in one place, and integrating with other systems to ensure the information is consistent, accurate, and up to date.


IoT integrations

As IoT becomes more commonplace in the wholesale and retail industries, distributors can use sensors to improve operations in warehousing, transportation, equipment monitoring, and inventory management. But if the IoT components don’t communicate with the ERP or warehouse management software, they can cause more problems than they solve. Bytecity team is experienced with IoT integrations, and they can ensure all your tech is connected and working in sync

Integrations with third-party systems

Sometimes, too many systems can lead to extra work due to redundancies or data disparities between applications. But Bytecity custom-built whole distribution software is designed to integrate with the third-party systems your organization already has in place, including ERPs, supply chain management systems, ecommerce platforms, and others.

Building Software Solutions for Wholesale & Retail

ERP solutions based on flexible, modern technology stacks are key to success in the ever-shifting, digitally focused wholesale and retail market.

  • Wholesale Logistics Management

From supply chain management to order fulfillment, Bytecity custom enterprise resource management solutions ensure a smooth journey from order to cash in every transaction.

  • Retail Software

We develop retail applications designed to support personalized shopping across a variety of platforms, infrastructures, and connected channels.

  • Ecommerce Solutions

Codelific’s world-class software engineers help retailers create engaging, effective touchpoints with their customers, ensuring smooth transactions and long-term relationships.