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Both customers and employees of financial companies expect to be able to leverage the latest technological advancements to make their daily operations easier. Bytecity specializes in creating software solutions that make this possible on any scale


Implementing solutions using Blockchain technology can help your business streamline operations and ensure significant cost savings. From a private blockchain network to a successful ICO—we are capable of delivering the most technologically advanced projects.

  • ICO launch support
  • Cryptocurrency operations
  • Smart contracts
  • Identity management


The digital transformation has led customers to expect increased connectivity, but these demands bring extra security challenges. With Bytecity custom software, you can mitigate risk and give customers the experience they want.


Strict regulatory requirements can encumber process and prevent the kind of growth businesses want to achieve. Bytecity can build the software solutions you need to remain agile and compliant.

Your customers’ security is our priority

Work side by side with Bytecity to hone your risk management strategies, and our engineers will develop the software you need to provide a flawless customer experience.

  • Attract and Retain Top Talent

Today’s employees want to work from anywhere, on any device. But in the financial services world, that kind of leeway can cause major headaches. Our engineers can help give your employees the flexibility they want without compromising data security.

  • Protect Against Cyber Attacks

A security breach is every financial services firm’s worst nightmare, and digitization only increases the risks. Bytecity dedicated team can deliver secure, compliant software — and monitor it consistently to prevent attacks.


As consumer service expectations continue rising, a branded insurance application can help you transform your business. Predict consumer needs by utilizing data and actionable analytics, optimize the customer experience, retain valuable policyholders, and identify new sales opportunities using applications built on our mobile platform.


Share all relevant information with your clients via one channel—your branded mobile application. Share company news and special offers with your entire client base, send targeted notifications to policyholders in a particular locale, and ensure timely payments from clients with automated reminders.

  • Special Offers
  • Push Notifications
  • News Feed
  • Geofencing
  • Reminders


Give your policyholders everything they need in one place by providing them with all the necessary tools within one mobile application. Allow them to report incidents and upload photos right from the app, provide instant assistance with an in-app video chat, and automate claims with context driven communication tools.

  • Emergency SOS
  • SOS Video Chat
  • Alert Analytics
  • Context Driven Communication Tools



Optimize your daily operations and workflow within an intuitive, employee-oriented dashboard. Provide insurance agents with omni-channel CRMs, allowing them to close deals wherever they are. Assign cases to agents, delegate work, and prioritize insurance claims within a single intuitive interface.