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Artificial Intelligence

From careful project analysis and ideation stage — to solution roll-out and management, the experts of Bytecity AI Lab will help you every step of the way with your solution.

Enterprise AI Solutions

Custom AI Software and Model Development
Full-cycle development of custom AI models based on Deep and Machine Learning algorithms, including Data Science research, training, validation, testing

AI-driven Big Data Solutions
Architecture design and implementation for Enterprise Big Data solutions

On-the-Edge AI
ML models customization for on-the-edge device deployment.

AI DevOps
Comprehensive infrastructure management for Machine Learning workloads.

AI Solutions Lifecycle Management
Implementation of AI application lifecycle management and CI/CD.

Establish integration with AI-ready cloud platforms and third-party APIs.

How AI Works

Data migration from legacy systems to new platform
Design & Architecture
Design data platform tailored to the business needs
Platform Implementation
Components implementation and deployment
ML & Business Intelligence
Recommendation Engine.
Analysis & Ideation
Analysis of domain and data .

Areas of Expertise

Image Processing and Video Analytics

Store and process all video streams
Surveillance, wearable, hand-held and other cameras integrated in one data lake platform
Highly-customizable video learners
Lightweight ML models on the edge
Fully automated end-to-end production process
Face recognition matched with other users transactions
Personalized image processing
Behavior patterns extraction
Detecting blacklisted persons

Machine & Deep Learning

Predictive maintenance algorithms for Industrial IoT platforms
AI driven market insights and predictions; predictive and prescriptive maintenance
Predictive algorithms for individual customer experiences
AI-driven data analytics for trend-watching in Retail and other industries
Data mining

Data Lakes & Cloud IoT

Big data, business Intelligence analytics, predictive tools, planning, generative models, and optimization tasks in one place
Data ecosystem architecture development
Distributed storage
Scale-ready read and write processing
Data cleaning processes
Pre-built high level features for machine learning
Integration with popular cloud platforms

Natural Language Processing

Consumer Machine Learning Chatbots
Department-specific AI assistants
Data mining and extraction
Voice recognition/Voice AI

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