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We develop systems that allow farmers to calculate the number of crops needed for each field and make accurate crop order with payment gateway integration

Agritech and precision farming software development services

An increasing demand for food production pressures agricultural businesses to produce more with the same resources. This requires a serious rethinking of food production strategies. Specifically, it calls for the adoption of agritech and precision farming technologies such as positioning systems, remote sensing, big data, IoT, and location-based systems

Bytecity is helping large agricultural companies create software that lets farmers make data-driven decisions, resulting in higher profitability and sustainable growth.

When do you need custom software development for your agribusiness?

  • When you lack data to plan crop supply efficiently
  • When you need to monitor and adjust climate parameters for your greenhouses
  • When you need to predict which crops will yield the most on which piece of land

When you need an integrated farm management system to build sustainable food production


Crop supply and planning

We develop systems that allow farmers to calculate the number of crops needed for each field and make accurate crop order with payment gateway integration.

Fraud detection in supply chains

By applying distributed ledger technologies, we help farmers reduce fraud and the appearance of fake production shelves.

NDVI monitoring and forecasting

We help farmers capture real-time images of fields using drones, satellites, and aerial imagery systems powered by AI and big data.

Field mapping

We create field maps, thematic crop maps, and catalogs of geotagged plants on large farmlands and gardens while providing soil chemistry analytics.

Urban farm management

We develop systems for greenhouses, using IoT data processing and image recognition to provide total climate control.

Farmland information and system management

We provide integration with enterprise GIS systems so large agribusinesses can have end-to-end management of fields and yields

Crop management

We help farmers to collect and analyze soil data to determine the best places to plant, and how to maintain soil nutrition levels.

Why Choose Us

Robotics and IoT technologies enabled by Codelific harvest precise real-time data that farmers can use. We empower farmers to make better decisions using big data and advanced analytics from sensors and aerial imagery as well as to use map data to manage their farmlands efficiently.

Bytecity experts will ensure your agricultural business gets the most out of precision farming technologies and agritech software.

Location-based services

Leverage location data with one of the leading providers of location-based services in Eastern Europe

Data and analytics 

Turn raw numbers into strategic insights. We help you collect, process, and analyze real-time data from various devices and sensors.


Get a better vision by enabling 3D map rendering of both urban and rural locations.

AI and ML 

Plan routes, track machinery in real time, and estimate the transit costs for oversized agricultural equipment

Internet of things

Apply wireless connectivity, smart sensors and advanced software to achieve high crop yields and cut equipment maintenance costs

Agriculture software solutions for competitive farming

Precision farming – a new vector of software development in agriculture

Improve decision-making and maximize your yields with cutting-edge analytical agricultural software that combines field data from connected IoT devices with external sources – weather conditions, demand trends and historical farming recommendations for individual crops. Gain a new level of day-to-day operational support by understanding what to plant, how to irrigate and when to fertilize different types of crops.

Our agriculture software development company can help you incorporate a new precision farming engine, powered by machine learning, IoT and location-based services to minimize the chances of crop failure, reduce operational expenses and optimize yields. Be at the vanguard of farming innovations and unlock your full potential with our agriculture software development services.

GIS software for agriculture – a ‘must-have’ for sustainable and scalable farming 

Obtain a 360-degree view of your lands with the ability to zoom in on any area of interest without commissioning a costly field flight. Agriculture software with GIS functionality lets you conduct spatial analysis and create detailed visual representations of your grounds. Identify early signs of erosion, make precise crop yield estimates and projections based on real-time weather data and conduct detailed risk assessments to secure your land against floods, wildfires, and droughts.

Commission agriculture custom software development from Codelific to obtain a Geographic Information System that fully meets your needs and enables you to switch between the macro view of your business and granular insights in seconds.

End-to-end software development for agriculture market leaders and innovators

Whether you are a local producer or a large farm, field agent or agro-input company, Codelific can offer a tech solution for you. Our range of agritech software development services includes software for supply chain management, optimization and fraud detection; crop management tools; connected urban farming systems, powered by IoT; as well as advanced geo-mapping solutions powered by AI and machine learning.

Our agritech software development company is known-leader is location-based services that go beyond standard mapping and navigation. We can help you create detailed digital representations of your actual crops and optimize every aspect of your operations with the help of rich visual, location and sensor data, as well as powerful analytics.

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